Our closed flock conforms to the SRUC Premium Sheep & Goat Health Schemes so is entirely Maedi Visna free. The flock consists of North Country Mule ewes with a Suffolk sire retaining the very best females on the main. We also run a Texel and Charollais on Suffolk Cross Ewes to ensure the highest-quality meat. In 2015 we had 150 ewes which provided in excess of 270 lambs, the vast majority of which were sold through our shop. We have now added three award-winning pedigree flocks: Suffolks, Charollais and Texels.

We started our drift of Hampshire pigs in 2013 and now rear 450 pigs a year, all of which provide hams, bacons and sausages for sale in the shop.

Our 3,000 free-range hybrid hens lay more than 2,800 eggs a day, which equates to over one million eggs a year! Thanks to our hens we can guarantee that we have a constant supply of fresh eggs for sale in the shop, and we’re also supplying local shops and businesses with premium-quality eggs for resale and use as ingredients.